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NRI Services

With the ongoing outsourcing boom, most large global corporations, medium sized companies and individuals are outsourcing their accounting service needs to Indian Companies. This is so, because of the experience, expertise and low cost quality services offered by the companies in India.

Some of the services offered are:

Taxation Services
(A) PAN number Allotment


  • Obtaining PAN at the request of the client
  • Emailing the format in which the client is required to furnish details specified.
  • Client furnishes information by e-mail.
On the basis of the information furnished by the client, the accounting professionals prepare and e-mail application for obtaining Permanent Account Number. The client can then download, sign and send the form to the Income Tax department. The accounting firm then obtains the PAN card on behalf of the client and sends it to the country of residence.
PAN Card is required for:
  • Transactions in shares, mutual funds, debentures etc.
  • Property transactions.
  • Claiming refund of income tax.
  • Depositing income tax and filing income tax returns.
  • Banking transactions.
(B) Filing of Income Tax Return

Income Tax Return or ITR is filed on request of the client. The accounting firm emails the client, the standard format in which the details of income is to be furnished. The information can then be sent to the accounting firm through Internet.

Based on the information received from client, the accounting professionals compute the tax liability or the refund. The Income return is then mailed to the client, which he can download, sign and then send it along with required enclosures. The return is then filed.

(C) Wealth Tax
Accounting firms in India help their NRI clients pay the correct amount of wealth tax. It also includes capital gains that a person might have from sale of shares or debentures of an Indian company, gold, real estate etc. These accounting professionals also provide any other details or consultancy required by the client.

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