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Due Diligence Reporting

Due diligence is a process of investigation undertaken by various lenders including banks and financial institutions for assessing the performance of a business. It is a comprehensive process that can be undertaken to assess the potential of a business during different situations including joint ventures, merger & acquisitions etc.

Objective and Process
The objective of undertaking the process is to forecast the future performance of an organization by analyzing the potential risks and threats. Due diligence attempts to improve the efficiency of the existing business processes. The process includes identifying and analyzing important transaction issues and also identifying the potential risks that a business might face.

Features of Due Diligence Reports

  • Conducting a fair and independent analysis & evaluation of financial and commercial information.
  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of financial, commercial and tax information in detail.
  • Collecting and reviewing financial information to be provided to bidders and various stakeholders.
  • Auditing the special purpose accounts.

Due Diligence Reports
These reports are prepared by collecting, analyzing and compiling the data collected during the due diligence process. It helps to clearly point out the potential risks and a company's current financial situation. These reports help to save money, time and efforts of the management.

Professional accountancy firms undertake due diligence reporting on behalf of the clients and help them take sound decisions. This also helps the client save lot of money, and time spent on collecting and analyzing financial & commercial information.

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